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Dynasty Warriors Anyone?

Posted Aug 22, '12 at 10:02pm



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yea i played them all from DW2 on.
except for the extra/special editions. they are usually crap.
the samurai warriors series is also prety good.
but now i only play the warriors orochi serie. basically DW and SW together whit even some more guys. (over 100 playable characters)
a friend of my is playing DWnline. it's based in DW5. so the old clothes and weapons.

well dude, i must admit, that games old and too easy. soul calibur is better.

old - no
easy - no (well if you want to yes. but thats your own doing.)
soul caliber - ... it's not even close to DW. xD

Posted Aug 23, '12 at 3:27am



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Got them on PS2 and PS3 (all of them)

Great series - my favourite after Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Burnout


Posted Nov 1, '12 at 5:29pm



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I have Dynasty Warriors 5 played it several times with my friend.

I love stealing horses.

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