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minecraft illegal download (i might go to jail!!!)

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Posted Aug 14, '12 at 9:56am



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actually it wasnt moved here by a mod i posted this on support and suggestions and on here but a mod moved it from support and suggestions to video games? thanks for the advice


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That's pretty funny (no offense). Sounds like you downloaded so virus probably some type of Reveton ransom-ware. Which tries to extort money from you by acting like your in trouble legally.

To fix it I would probably just restart my computer go into safe mode and run a "good" antivirus program. If that fails just type into google reventon ransom-ware and look up some solutions.

You are not going to jail. Police don't care about people who pirate for their own use over 99.99 percent of the time. If you did get into legal doo-doo you would get a letter from your isp or by the mail from the publisher or someone on behalf of the publisher saying you pirated x material from them and to pay up. But no one does that anymore since it is hard to prove that the person actually pirated anything and not someone who is piggy backing on the wireless internet.

Before you fix your computer take a picture of the screen with a digital camera or something I'm curious on how legit the virus looks like.

Also don't mess with communities you don't understand aka piracy. Unless you own a potato minecraft will run. But sadly if minecraft is complaining about your video drivers you are running probably running potato.

Also, use TPB next time. Don't download it from unknown sources.

- No discussions of software piracy, illegal material, or linking to these illegal activities will be tolerated.

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Im getting extremely confused...this thread used to be in Support and Suggestions. It got locked in the Tavern...wait it's deleted now. Also in the Video Games Section. What sorcery is in Programming?

I'll just repost everything to this place in case the Video Games one gets deleted too...:

1st Post:

Well i hope you learned your lesson for trying to commit a crime.
Like Nichodemus posted, a virus is probably at hand and a computer repairman should be able to get rid of it for (an estimate) $80. Good Luck

Come on can't be serious? Take the virus off yourself? It's not that hard? You don't even need to have a anti-virus since there is no point in installing one since the malware would disable/not let you.
There's this kid I know, he's going to IT. He pays GeekSquad from Best Buy hundreds of dollars each year for support for his laptop. The things he has troubles with is astonishing and he is still going to IT...I know probably more than half the class in IT about Computers...when I never took any paid classes.

2nd Post Combined With Third Post:

Awww, I wasn't done ranting...It posted accidentally...
On a side note Gamer Cale is correct. He didn't do anything inappropriate except his term of calling you an idiot...
If you seriously fall for those websites...go and delete System 32 for me. It'll remove all of those malware...
Sorry for triple post...but it's not worth fixing it...Pssh Im lazy sorry...Just click on this long link. Sorry.

Sider...side note: I wonder if he'll fall for this...

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Sorry for double post, but it turns out I didn't search hard enough...I didn't bother to go to the second page. :P
So you did post this in different sub-forums? Since each and everyone has different responses...but your opening post remains the same.


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You might download some program similar as PC virus. That kind of program bond with minecraft & break you user leagl rights to limit your manipulating on folders, files, etc. Try to scan for Trojan. Or completely delete installed files( COMPLETELY! But I`m affraid it`s impossible as it`s really a kind of bug software. ) Try your best to delete it. You won`t be in jail. This software is kidding you. It just want to make money on you.( As none of the software can prevent you from your operating system. It can only block its game )

And you pay for what? You don`t pay, and they won`t even found you!

And if you wanna cracked minecraft try ed2k link.