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I try to get the gold medal in mission 11 in the game but i can't(note:
that i haven't complete the game once and i get the medals right away,
plus i almost bought all the upgrades except the 2 global upgrades power light 2 and armor upgrade 2 and also the skill tree of pierce the techie is completely deactivated,all the other upgrade i got'em)
i try a strategy of keeping 4 troopers in the elevator-base and i send 2 others (specifically tailor and lieutenant)to reboot the switches i have try to split them horizzontal 1 left and 1 right but nothing,i also try to send them vertical 1 up and 1 down and again nonthing(note:that each trooper have to reboot 2 switches an get back to elevator)...Either the lieutenant will be out of ammo(on this one i try to give him magazines from the other troopers ,once the level starts to deal with this problem),either i will receive too much damage (tailor doesn't have a shield like lieutenant and neither any other trooper does,so when i fall in an acid pit i receive damage)or(lieutenant will be near a ventelation system where the aliens come out and i will receive damage again)or the much turns gonna pass and i will lose the medal(cause if there is no damage, the level is maze-like and will get a lot of turns to move from 1 switch to another).So,what can i do?Thanks...

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i try a strategy of keeping 4 troopers in the elevator-base and i send 2 others

How about changing this strategy? 4 switches? Send 4 man, 1 for each. Or, you know, anything else.
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