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Sign of hope?^^

Posted Aug 31, '12 at 3:43pm



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There wasn't really an AP problem, it was just taking longer than usual to update. Too many people getting upset over the counter not instantly updating.

For me, it hasn't happened for hours. I had 6036 AP last night and still have the same count even though I haven't been on until now, and the calculation shows that I should have 6039 AP. Actually, I should have 6040 since this post is worth 1 AP. I therefore think there is an AP problem as far as updating goes. Also, Gantic made the following comment on warriorcats123's profile:

Everyone has this problem. It's appears to be site or server side. Since I'm not an Admin, I can't do anything about it.

That was a response to warriorcats123 complaining about AP not updating.

As for the Beta itself, it should close in a few hours (it hasn't closed yet).


Posted Aug 31, '12 at 9:19pm



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As for the Beta itself, it should close in a few hours (it hasn't closed yet).

Ya, 0:00 on Sept. 1st is when you should not be able to get on. I asked an admin if he could inform me on what he knows about the AP not auto updating and AG3. Just be patient guys. You cannot do any better.


Posted Aug 31, '12 at 10:34pm



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Man, it used to be that AP would not update for days, and no one cared. Often my AP was off, above or below, and no one really complained then (calculating, it was even a few dozen off at times). This doesn't appear to be any different; and does AP really matter THAT much?



Posted Aug 31, '12 at 10:54pm



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This drama over something so little, wow. Yeah, it has always been slow in updating, it's just slower than usual now. It doesn't take a genius to figure out why.

and does AP really matter THAT much?

To people that monitor it all day.

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