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[duplicate]What is the best video game of all time?

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Posted Aug 25, '12 at 10:15am



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Title explains it all. I think its jedi knight jedi academy


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Do you mean "best video game of all time" as in like our favorite...or just a general best of all time?

I'll answer both to be safe...

-My favorite: Romance of the Three Kingdoms 8. Hours upon hours upon hours of gametime/re-playability, makes you think while at the same time can be insanely entertaining, looks very well for a game made in the year it was made (I think 2002?), and gives you a great Romance of the Three Kingdoms feeling (which is awesome for me, because that is my favorite book, which is based off of my favorite time period in history)

-Best game: Pong. Yes..Pong. It revolutionized the entire industry of video games, is insanely addicting, and yet is the most simplistic game of all time (Seriously, the amount of fun you can have with 2 rectangles and a square is pure awesome-ness)