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more mmo games

Posted Aug 27, '12 at 7:49pm



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if i creath that topic guys its to suggest to amor games more mmo games (every mmo that armor game put on the website is game on their official website or other website).
so if u guys have suggestion of mmo for armor games its where u should suggest (here)

personal suggestion: stick rpg 1 and 2


Posted Aug 28, '12 at 5:44pm



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when you make a MMO it must be diffrent then the others cause i think they look the same, perhaps something like sims i don't know what to make but something where you can walk around an talk to other players and give them quest to forfill i would like that i someone came up with that


Posted Mar 5, '13 at 11:25pm



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Hello mates,

I am a newbie on this site, and im finding an online game who has a better graphics and game play, Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance


Posted Sep 22, '13 at 1:21pm



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I've got an even better idea. Get rid of all of these 'mmo' and focus on the kind of games that brought me here from newgrounds. I am tired of seeing a new game posted and then finding out it is another piece of crap that had been released a couple weeks ago with a different skin as an mmo.

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