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I bought many toys for my computers over the years and I don't include the computers (9) and laptops (3).

I made a list of my favorite ones.

1- ADVC 100 by Canopus

I bought it to digitize my VHS movies to DVD.
The version I have was purchased on the Internet and it has a button to disable the Macrovison (crap used to prevent making copies). I even used to record movies or shows from Hulu by connecting my two computers and recording on the 2nd one.
That was a great device. I still have the original box and accessories.

2- Fusion HDTV 3 QAM gold from Dvico

I used it to capture HD videos from cable over the air.
I had a great time with this toy!

3- ION Turntable

I bought it to digitize my vinyls via USB on my computer.
It comes with a free editing software to help remove scratches, pops, clicks and background noise.

4 - HD PVR by Hauppauge

Even better than my ADVC 100! It can record HDTV straight to my computer and the quality is amazing! My favorite toy so far!

5 - WD Live TV Hub

I can watch TV online, play games, watch my own videos, play my music, look at pictures, etc.

Here's my next gadget I want to buy!

Okay that's it! What's your favorite computer toy?

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