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The Avengers Movie 2012

Posted Sep 9, '12 at 4:50pm



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I really thought the movie was going to be better than what I saw, I found the only good thing about the movie the actors. They were (mostly) good but I don't know what it was but it wasn't that awesome.
I think it is just to overhyped.


Posted Sep 10, '12 at 12:32pm



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Its a great movie but I saw The Dark Knight Rises at the theatre & I would say that was way better & its the best of Christopher Nolans Batman films.
The best thing about the movie was Tom Hardy's performance as Bane.


Posted Sep 10, '12 at 12:38pm



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I dont agree with MyCal101 The movie before that with batman was atleast 2 x better then The Dark Knight Rises but for that avengers movies About the best Comic Heroes movie ever created reminded me of the show

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