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Legacy of Thousand Suns

Posted Sep 3, '12 at 8:49am



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Illaria dies.

There, I saved you a lot of time that would be wasted reading Mother Of All Cliché Storms that is LotS story. Average fanfiction is better than this crap where main hero is epitome of Mary Sue, with supporting character being "just" regular Mary Sues capable of feats like deflecting laser shots (concentrated stream of light that moves with speed of, you know, light) with an axe. Predictable enough, every planet is Planet of Hats. No, it's not that bad. It's far worse.
You're welcome.

Oh, and at some point game becomes your old regular pay2win MMO. You've been warned.


Posted Sep 3, '12 at 11:20am



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You linked to ****ing Tropes! Do you have any idea how long I was lost in there!? Who does that!?

Seriously though, you're right, the game is a total cliche-fest and the gameplay itself kinda sucks.


Posted Sep 7, '12 at 12:42am



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PLayed on facebook for a couple weeks. Lost interest really quick after that

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