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[NECRO] Christian and I'm Proud?

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Posted Sep 8, '12 at 3:51pm



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The "oppression" is the sort of thing you'd hear uber-conservative Christian white Americans complain about. Like the building of more mosques in the UK, Islamic schools, there's more people around with 'funny' last names and skin tones not consistent with the pitiful amount of sun we get in the UK - and, in the mind of small-minded bigots, that translates over to "we're being oppressed". The Daily Mail, former archbishops and radical parties like the BNP are pushing this train of thought along too and it's just ridiculous.


Posted Jan 3, '13 at 11:41am



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This thread has been necro'd (post has been deleted), but if someone wants to properly continue the discussion in a normal way, please let me know and the thread could be unlocked again. Thank you. =)