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DNC and RNC (needed better MC's)

Posted Sep 8, '12 at 3:06am



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The DNC and RNC both sucked, I think that's something we all can agree upon. Typically, people tend to agree that the purpose of a political parties nomination convention is to inspire the parties base, and not necessarily lay out specific plans and facts on what a candidate's going to do. It's meant to be a rally, to inspire people.

And they both were pretty awful. Did Obama and Romney (either/or) take a good route with their speech?

What could they have done better, what did they do well? This shouldn't be a place to discuss if we think a candidate will be good or bad as president, or to bash, it should be a place to make fun of Obama's "Uhhhhhh's", Romney's arbitrary way of speaking, and Biden's misuse of the word figuratively. Post to link's to funny tidbits from any speech during the convention. Nobody on here an agree on anything, but we all can make fun of the same schtuff.


Posted Sep 8, '12 at 3:16am



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Michelle did put on a good one, but he went over the top at times. The DNC was just about what I expected, some rip-roaring stuff, but nothing really historic or groundbreaking. The RNC....was just the RNC, comparativey more boring and the only exciting thing occurring was Isaacs delaying it.

The Invisible Obama gaffe was funny though. As funny as Eastwood is trying to Back track and cover his speech's hilarity now as a stunt.


Posted Sep 8, '12 at 5:32pm



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Well, Paul Ryan DID set a record for most flat-out lies told in a sitting...

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