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I'm new in this forums, but I've played Armor Games for a very long time, and a couple of years ago I learnt as2 and started programming a game. I didn't finish that project, because it was laggy. Some months ago I started developing it again, in as3 this time, and it's going very well, and I'm starting to wonder what I will do when it is finished, I thought of posting it here, but I don't know anything about posting games here. I have several questions:

AG Logo- Every game I see in here has the AG animation, I'd like to learn about that.

Beta Testing- I'd like to know how people are normally chosen to do this, and how secretive are games usually before release.

Advantages of Posting- What do I gain from posting here (if anything).

The development is still in its early fazes, and I'd like to know If I should show it before completion. Thank you.

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I don't know much about submitting games.However armorgames will decide if the game is good or not.If it is they will help you promote it Just scroll all the way down and you'll see what am talking about.

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