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Simply take time to understand how the game work. I never had a problem to finish a battle, never restarted once.

I don't even remember having any kind of difficulty at that specific level. Did you research the magic tower upgrades yet? They really break the game in favor of IceDale.


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The 7th Icedale level is ****ing ridiculous. The game has been a breeze so far with very little challenge. Now, I'm starting the match with a single base capable of a maximum of 2 units, no mana regen, and with an enemy tower constantly attacking it. I've tried everything thing I can think of and every time my measly army is eventually destroyed by the infinite spawn of the enemy tower. Even when I try to attack the base to the South, my army is intercepted by the tower's units and end up humping the tower to their deaths because once in combat they disregard any instruction and just attack whatever the **** they want. It would be nice, that once in combat, there was some control over your units at all.

You need to max the tower edict so you have 3 units.

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Don't think this belongs in this forum, but anyway:

In any game, there are always a many number of ways to beat something, and just as many ways to fail. Just try different tactics and sooner or later you'll get it.

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