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I have decided to make a guide for this epic game designed to help anyone who might be having trouble beating opponents.

The first thing you have to do is choose what character build you want to be.

Here is a basic guide of the classes:

1.Spear and Shield with this class you want to get shield bash up to at least 5 so you will have block for the next 3 rounds which will help reduce damage taken and then max out throw because it gets critical hits a lot which will do some serious damage and if your leg is disabled you can still attack enemies which gives it an advantage over the other classes.

2.Shield and a One handed weapon this is the same idea as the spear and shield class but instead I would start by putting your skill tree into power attack and maxing that out because it does high damage once you have got it maxed you want to get shield bash up to at least 5 for the same reason as before.

3.Dual wielder With this class you want to get the double attack technique to max and this is the best class for countering opponents that use shield bash because you have a chance to hit twice but other then this reason this class is pretty bad and only really outclasses the others for taking out enemies that are blocking.

4.Two Hander This class utilizes that the two handed weapons are generally the stronger weapons by maxing out the power attack technique you can deal very high damage but the downside with this class is that if your arm gets disabled you are pretty much defenseless so arm protection is a must.

With 2,3 and 4 if your leg gets disabled you are defenseless so it gives the Spear + Shield Combo an advantage over the others and on top of that I feel it is just generally a stronger class then the others because of how versatile and reliable it is do I recommend a Spear + Shield Combo but the choice is up to you.

With all these classes I would say put all your skill points into strength as the others seem to not be worth it/needed as much.

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I wish these forums had an edit option as Two Hander was meant to be in italics not bold but anyway back to the guide.

So now you have chose your character build you need to know the best way to defeat enemies and I would recommend you follow these 3 steps:

1.Look what combination they are using eg. Dual wielding
2.Choose the body part to aim for using my method below

If their head or body has the least armour ignore the rest of the guide and just go straight for the head or body depending on which is weakest
If they have 2 weapons go for their weakest leg
If they have a two handed weapon go for their weakest arm
If they have a spear and shield go for the head

3.Use the the technique of your choice I recommend shield bash first then either power strike or throw until they are defeated

By doing this you either are disarming them so they can't do anything to you so you can finish them with ease or have killed them in the best way possible.

I recommend you always unless doing a challenge that you always execute because you get more loot to use/sell and you get for MP which really helps throughout the game and you really don't need the extra xp sparing them gives you.

After you have won your first few fights I recommend you use any loot you have obtained and keep some spare for you teammates that I would buy as soon as possible so that you can A. win fights easier and B. so that they will be roundabout the same level as you.

And that is pretty much all you need to know to succeed in Sands of The Coliseum using this guide I have only lost once match with my team full of Shield and Spear Combos.

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There's nothing much I want to add, but keeping adding strength with duel weapons and aiming at the weakest spots will ensure victory.

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I would change to make harder to hit opponent and that we get more interesting and unique items.

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Is there a maximum level your character can grow to?

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I think it's 70.

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I saw there are new comments still being added to this game, so this tip is for anyone still trying to beat the tougher cities.

THE ENEMY TARGETS LOW HP FIRST - unless another character is wielding Pole Arms, dual or Two-handed arms.

So if all your characters have shields and small arms, then the enemy will target LOW HP. Pay attention to that because HP changes with skill upgrades and new items.

You want the character with lowest HP to have 100% DEFENSE and bonuses on the SHIELD-BASH tree.

Your other two characters can have whatever you want, with shields and small arms, but 100% strength finishes the rounds quickly. It let me finish by level 39.

There's no need to have 3 defenders. In multiplayer, everything is different. But this is just for those who are playing to get thru OLYMPUS in the game itself without paying an arm and a leg for it..

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Some remarks:

for detailed insight visit]Masters guide & Endgame[/url].
The forum on kong is far ahead of armorgames-sotc-strategy.

Now for a real Walkthrough to single play!

no decisions in this walkthrough you will regret later on!!!

Getting a team:

- Pick your first glad as female.
- Play through londinium, giving your first glad a shield and shield-bash asap.
- spend points on speed only.
- loot or buy armor, shields and spears.
- buy MP 730 or MP 720 glads from slave market do the same as for your 1st glad.

Updating skills and stats:

- put skill points to the following skills in that order: shield bash 5/10, throw 10/10, shield bash 10/10, life boost 1/10, cure 10/10, 5/10 2xcombo, 15/15 speed boost. (for all glads)
- spend stat points only for speed.


- swap shields for ones with higher block rates & try to get some additional vitality from equipment... don't shop for any other items until u reach olympus.
- your prime goal in olympus is to get a max speed set: +20 speed on every item legs have to be chain mail (only -4 speed), shield has to be bladed (+4 speed extra).
- armor value does not really matter.
- get one set with high stats in speed, dexterity & strength
- get one set with high speed & vitality

finishing the game

- try to get through all coliseums quickly ignoring the goals at first.
- get to olympus (primary place for shopping)
- finish all the goals leaving only the contenders in rome.


- take your initial glad (she should be at around 400-440 MP now) and make her a screamer: put on the max speed set (or the one that's closest to max speed) skills: 15/15 speed boost, 10/10 intimidate all. all stat pts. to speed = screamer.
- next glad will become a Dual Wielder (speed/dex/str-set): skills: 10/10 combo 4, skipping blood rage with 1 pt. 15/15 dex boost. give him 340 dex, no fewer than 197 speed and the rest to strength.
- finally your protector: 15/15 speed boost, 10/10 protect (no more than 10/15 do def boost) (u can give him either cure or intimidate as additional skill) stats: over 150 vit (160 is better), rest to speed (bonus if u can make up vit from equipment.

Now go against the 20 contenders in rome

Same strategy in every game:
1st intimidate all: no more net, no more combo 4
2nd protect the dual wielder: no need to protect the screamer.
3rd kill the opponents with the dual wielder (Dual wielders & 2-handers disabled firt hand)

u r welcome...

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how do you get rid of inventory items?

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