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Salut Hello I come whith bugg

Posted Sep 16, '12 at 7:50am



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Bonjour! I found Kingdom Rush on Bubblebox and play a lot, then i subscribe on Armor Games in order to get acces to bonus. BUT ...
Whenever i wanna play on Armor site, a window whith "play now" that doesn't launch anything hide the real starting, and i can't play the game. I've tryed to start other game and the window appear to. Even if i start the game the window remains. I'm on Firefox, adblock+ was disabble, got "use website color" cheked to. I must have forgoten something but what?
Anyone can help me ? Merci d'avance.


Posted Nov 5, '12 at 8:47pm



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Do you have the latest version of flash.


Posted Nov 6, '12 at 3:54pm



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I don't know how to help you so I'll just say, Welcome.


Posted Nov 6, '12 at 9:40pm



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Hello, welcome and all of the above!

Well since the problem seems to be on armor games and not the game then you might try Emailing an armor games admin at

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