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Voting for Moderators

Posted Jun 13, '08 at 10:44pm



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@Devoidless, I don't really think alot of people would vote for Bush at all. I am sure that you know that his approval ratings are WAY low, so I don't think that Bush could be the victor.


Posted Jun 13, '08 at 11:06pm



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To add to this debate, IT would NOT be a good idea to vote for moderators, this could add alot of problems, not to mention it would be a shear popularity contest!!! I mean people would nominate themselves, people would advertise themselves on the community to gain popularity, which, ironically, would be considered spam. Personally, I would love more than anything to be mod on this site, but you also have to take into account how much time is spent on armor, how many times you break the rules... blah blah blah, you get my drift, right? It would be extremely unreasonable to vote for mods, maybe bring a great member of the community to the attention of mods and the admins, but other than that it would not be a good idea.


Posted Jun 13, '08 at 11:23pm



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I think that a vote for mods is a good idea, but i think it needs to be a little more structured.
I think that the mods can nominate maybe 3-5 players and the community can nominate one when the need comes for a new moderator. Then after the nominees have been chosen then the moderators will vote on who should be it. I think something along those lines would work well if this post does change anything.

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