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What things do you think that should be improved for the next Fifa?

I say the Career mode, even if I play it I must say it's pretty bad. Especially the negotiations, you can't trade players with other teams, you can't put a price to your player, when you receive and offer for a player you just have to say no, yes or stall. But can't rise the price or anything.

I also really dislike from Fifa 12 that the players value are depending on the Overall, for example, there are players that no one knows, but he is in 82 so it costs 15 million.

And there is a lot of more things that I think that should be improved in Fifa 13. It looks promising, I hope it's as good as I think it will.

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yeah, i agree about the transfer thing.
it's really annoying when you can only "yes,no,stall"
hope that FIFA 13 will be much better than the previous FIFA.

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