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Posted Jun 13, '08 at 8:28pm



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@Kamakozei: If Moderators spent 5 days worth of time on making new armatars, that would be a waste. We already had our new armatars for May and June, they need to work on how to improve the site. They can't spend all their time making ideas on armatars. They need to work on previews and edit buttons and search engines and new technology for our site. So just wait for the new month's armatars.


Posted Jun 13, '08 at 8:29pm



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new ones just came out anf there are many other things to do, well i dont think there are anyideas left


Posted Jun 13, '08 at 8:36pm



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Why do you guys think the moderators do all this stuff, all they do is make sure the site is clean, and spam free (and they do a great job at it by the way =)!!!) The modrators don't make the armatars, the admins, like dan, and john, and the designer's do, moderator's just have extra powers to like lock and delete thread's and comments, and do bans. They don't actually get to renovate the site.

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