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Okay so does any1 get bored of forums and just rating games for points? I believe that there should be a different way to earn armor points, Yes there are other ways but ill tell you Merrits= rare to get, not for the average person. And Refferals= hard to make for 10 points..considering that all u have to do is go to 3 games in about 45 secs or so to get 12 points. Well there should be like a contest every week for a certain game...anygame and to see who can get the top 5-6 top scores and they would be rewarded with different amounts of AP depending on their place...Also There could be a question about a creator of a game or about a certian game and if you answer correctly then you get a certain amount of AP....

For the average person its hard to sit around and just rate games and submit opinions about i just thought it would make being a member of Armor a little more intresting? Tell me what you think. Idc if u reply or not just read it plz =P thanks...

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