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Bongcheon-dong ghost

Posted Sep 25, '12 at 5:16pm



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Ummm so I was browsing through the interwebs and saw a cool comic and well it turned out to be not what you would expect. In the beginning it says "warning this webtoon has shocking scenes viewer discretion is advised for pregnant women elderly or anybody with serious medical conditions. So I was curious and started to read it. And now I know why there is a it your self but be warned but I want at least one person to read it. FYI there are jump scares but not the kind where there is a person screaming.
Here it is *gulp*


Posted Sep 25, '12 at 6:07pm



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Eh..the story itself wasn't scary...but the first time the movement thing happened (trying not to spoil it for anyone -_-) it did give me a good jump (wasn't even at the section yet and it took over my computer and jumped it there, that was unappreciated!), but after then I was expecting another one, so the next one was of no shock

Overall...not a scary story, but does provide at least one good jump

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