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[ASNWERED] What will happen to the AG2 Armatars?

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Posted Sep 27, '12 at 6:59pm



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Even though I couldn't find a thread, I'm fairly certain that this topic has been brought up before, perhaps elsewhere on the forums, but I was curious as to what the Admins planned to do with the Armatar system for AG3. Most likely, the previously unlocked Armatars from AG2 will already be available, but what would happen to the Armatars that a user hasn't yet unlocked when AG3 is released? Would different AG3 point values be applied to them to unlock, would they be automatically unlocked for AG2 members, or would they be eliminated entirely? Assuming that several new Armatars made specifically for AG3 are released with point values at which they are unlocked, it could hamper one's progress in earning AG2 Armatars, as one may, depending on the point intervals between each, have to earn additional points so as to unlock specific Armatars.


Posted Sep 27, '12 at 7:07pm



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AG2 armatars are going to be kept and new ones will be released. Everyone will probably have access to them all from the start.