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my (angry) review of Last Stand: Dead Zone

Posted Sep 28, '12 at 1:44am



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meh, I was glued to the game for the first 6 days I played. Then some of gameplay mechanics/flaws started to really stink up the place.

Im alright with the whole real-time building, but when people can just waltz into my camp and steal resources, that pissed me off. Hours of passed time(on or offline), down the tube in 2 minutes. I know it's in beta, but that is just ridiculous. And the defense/guards are pretty poor.

Even though I respect the bold choices they made for this one(some very awesome), I believe the MMO portion shat on the fun a little. At the least, you should be able to play offline mode.


Posted Sep 28, '12 at 6:37am



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what level you are now? and what's your game name?


Posted Sep 28, '12 at 8:47pm



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If people can just waltz into your camp, it's not defended enough. And when they raid you, raid em back!

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