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New law in Arizona that makes trolling illegal?

Posted Oct 6, '12 at 4:34am



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[quote]Just imagine it...literal Internet Police O_o"

I laughed so hard when i saw that, it made me imagine two people with derpy faces and cop uniforms, with the words I.P (internet police) and ask "is this the location of the armorgames user wflag10"? I would've put on my trollface on and told them it was my neighbor.

But did anybody else read the law? It basically states that you can't curse, or be "annoying".


Posted Oct 6, '12 at 11:16am



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well pizza is still called healthy food. so that schools can sell it in the cafeteria.
some crazy things are staying.
Not everything served in caferteria's is healthy food, have you seen the fries they give us here.

wflag, if you tell them it was me I would show them my account and they could go through my computer and they would be able to tell I have never logged on under that name, then they would go back to your house and arrest you.

~~~Darth Caedus

Posted Oct 6, '12 at 3:09pm



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Why are we talking about food now? I'm getting hungry..... *stomach growls*

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