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Uh...yes he does? Well, can. Since fly is an HM (you know, those thingamabobs that used to the be only reusable item that taught your pokemon a move? Stupid Black/White...)

Nope. Charizard can't learn fly in Red and Blue. In Yellow (and every game after) he can, but not in the originals.

You're all focusing on what weaknesses are added against Charizard because he's fire and flying...aren't you forgetting to consider that, because he's part fire type, he can learn some ****** fire moves and roast things weak to fire too...? It's not just adding a weakness, it's adding strengths too.

The whole argument was about Charizard's advantages of being Fire/Flying as opposed to just Fire. Which is a losing trade, because he only gains two advantages from this: strength against fighting and immunity from ground. Anything else weak to flying already has a weakness to fire.

The disadvantages? Losing a resistance and gaining two new weaknesses (or rather, rock becoming a crippling 4x weakness).

Not to mention, anything in support of Charizard being a fire type could just as well be support for any of the other dozens of fire types, so that's not something unique to Charizard.

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Just goin to throw this out there with the whole Charizard debate...

Even though he can't learn fly in red/blue...he can still learn Dig. And mix that with the fact that he is immune to ground attacks (*coughearthquakecough*), and you have a pretty good advantage there.

Keep in mind...I go for Vinusaur (Gyrados for water...Arcanine for fire), so please don't argue with me as if I am on the Charizard is best side

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