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AG minecraft?

Posted Oct 13, '12 at 9:37am



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What about me?!? I'v been here (and VERY active) for a while... oh wait...that's right-nobody knows about me. WELL I FEEL LIKE CRAP!

Yeah but Chillz makes controversial threads with comics in the OP, so he gets to lead a faction.

...And I seriously have no idea who you are.

Posted Oct 14, '12 at 3:49am



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I think AG should have minecraft server
cuz its awesome! if they have it.


Posted Oct 14, '12 at 1:27pm



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Probably not to great of an idea, it would be cool, yet do we really need a MC server?


Posted Oct 17, '12 at 6:34pm



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Its not that hard guys. the only thing you do is a "whitelist" that let only some peopels in. For say, A minecraft owner will take on himself run the server. he will collect names of AM users who wish to enter, enter there name to the whitelist and here you go, a AG users server. Its not that hard guys. Just a server for AG users, for say abouve 200 AG points, so it wont be just trolls who will ruin the server.

Who will pick up the gauntlet?

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