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New Blood.

Posted Oct 9, '12 at 10:05am



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Hello Armor Gamers. I am NFWar. I came here meet Armor Games better. Should have done it one and half year before. Better late than never.

I am making icons for Warcraft 3 and drawing in general.. with mouse. I was thinking to draw on a tablet, but it is just confusing and uncomfortable.
I came here to help people with game art and improove my skills (and stop playing games so much).

Nice to meet ya.


Posted Oct 13, '12 at 2:44am



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Welcome to ArmorGames!


Posted Oct 13, '12 at 3:48am



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Welcome to AG NFWar! If you have any questions or comments feel free to message me

Hopefully we see you more around the community


Posted Oct 13, '12 at 7:06am



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Welcome to ArmorGames NFwar,hope you enjoy the site.


Posted Oct 13, '12 at 8:29am



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Welcome to AG young AG'er. Have any questions do not hesitate to ask. Hopeto see you around.


Posted Oct 13, '12 at 11:29am



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Hurray! A new OSA. Of bloody meat... I mean yay a new person who plans on sticking around! Welcome to the forums


Posted Oct 14, '12 at 6:57am



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A very warm welcome to ArmorGames NFWar!!! =D

Great to hear an game artist is joining the ranks of the Armor Knights! I hope you'll enjoy the games (yes, you can still play them, no problem!) and it's wonderful community! =)

I encourage you to dive into the forums and meet all it's friendly inhabitants! The community is a wonderful place to hang out, discuss your favorite topics, get/give help on problems and meet new people from allover the world!

Remember, if there's anything you have a problem with or have a question about, don't hesitate to ask someone about it! This is a community that helps eachother! This is what made me join as it makes it a great one! =)

Again, welcome and c-ya 'round!

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