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One Direction vs Justin Bieber

Posted Nov 27, '12 at 11:29am



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Best argument would be for the guy on the far right, and maybe the guy to his left. The three (blondie left-ward) I strongly disagree with...especially the one with the grandma's wig hair

Pushaw, admit it... You're jealous.

And practically every Canadian I have met, actually yeah, every Canadian I have met was awesome. I met one at an international school who actually looked a lot like Justin Bieber, and he was pretty chill and had a lot of the same talents. We made a cool handshake that involved moonwalking. I know another Canadian named Justin who makes games (Juice-tin) and have talked with him a bit, and I can say he's cool too. Then there are the people Juice-tin works with, and some other random Canadians I may have forgot. Also, Red Green.

And yeah, what Chillz said.

I bet he's a cool dude to hang with, probably knows how to party and is a total bro. Only thing that sucks is his music skills, but if he didn't sing I'd totally want him as my bro.

Yeah. I actually wouldn't mind jamming with him all that much - he is relatively musically talented, after all.


Posted Nov 27, '12 at 11:56pm



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Hmm thats a hard one. Ha yea right, but I would have to say One Direction. JB has gotten better over the years and I'm sorta starting to like him.

To be fair, they are good-looking gents

That is true.


Posted Mar 25, '13 at 8:44pm



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1D is definitely more tolerable. JB is trying too hard for that hip-pop sound, and thus his music is a complete waste of space.


Posted Mar 25, '13 at 8:49pm



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I'm sorry. I forgot what their music sounds like, and don't want to hear it again, because it kills me a little on the inside every time I hear it. Basically, I think I prefer nails on a chalkboard; It's a lot closer to actual music than this crap is.


Posted Mar 27, '13 at 12:40pm



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Why won't it let me finish that sentence?!?!?! IDK but... I love Justin Bieber! There...maybe it was bceause i kept making the "electronic heart" IDK but there it is for ya! "I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER" :D


Posted Mar 27, '13 at 4:22pm



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.maybe it was bceause i kept making the "electronic heart"

There is a glitch when you use the less than sign connected with something else


Posted Mar 27, '13 at 4:33pm



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You my friend are making a difficult choice for me.

I will choose One Direction, even though I hate both of their songs. One Direction, just had that first(?) song that stuck in your head. Even though you hated it.

Plus they haven't been around enough to actually hate. Unlike some singing beaver.


Posted Mar 27, '13 at 5:48pm



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I don't really 'like' either of them, but One Direction's first song was catchy enough.

So I'll make a vote for them.


Posted Apr 4, '13 at 8:08pm



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Why r u talking about these awful singers! I do not like either but One Direction is a tiny bit better than Justin Bieber.


Posted Apr 5, '13 at 8:43am



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wait one direction is a existing band?
i thought it was 1 of those fake that i saw on icarly. xD

anyway.... mr.bieber got enough money for the rest of his life and his kids.
so it's time for some new kids on the block. make them rich and then it's about time for the next kids.

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