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Dear YouTube Commenters - Stop Being Stupid

Posted Oct 16, '12 at 12:19am



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Most of the comments I see are not that bad actually, but most video's do make bad influences. I see comments containing language that can be rather... disturbing, yes that is the word. I don't understand why people would want to post such content, it has always behooved me. And it always will I guess. If they can be less stupid then that would be great, but there isn't much we can do to effect a person with that mentality...

It depends. Some of the video-makers (of some form or another), despite hating the types of comments and people who make the ones like in the description, tend to snap towards the change. There was one commentator I watched for a while that made a bunch of hilarious jokes that people took the wrong way, and he isn't nearly as funny anymore and is hardly comparable to anyone else anymore other than his name and his voice and sarcastic comments. It's kind of disappointing in the realm of creativity and genuinely funny commentary. :/ So it does tend to bleed both ways.

Either way, usually you have some general warning, either from the comments in the video, from what the videos introduce themselves as or the topics at hand... Roosterteeth not only usually comments on more violent games but also has a warning before each video that there is language within. You're likely going to find people that reflect the video's humor and maturity in the comments.

Posted Oct 20, '12 at 7:07pm



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"It's called counter trolling you moron." Counter-trolling?

AHAHAHAHAHAAAA! That's hilarious! I've never heard that before but its completely ridiculous. The whole point of trolling is to generate negative comments/discussion, period. Doesn't matter what anyone says in response or how logical the retort may be. If it gets replies and pisses people off, the troll has succeeded. To engage them in any form ie counter-trolling is simply playing into their hands. The only way to deal with them, for your own happiness, is to ignore them completely and do Not respond.

Posted Oct 20, '12 at 8:05pm



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Yeah I know what you mean. I see a lot of this on Nigahiga's channel. He's even made videos about the crap people post. xD

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