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MW3 or MW2?

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Posted Oct 12, '12 at 2:08pm



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Hey Armored gamers, this is Dcalloway2000, the topic is Modern Warfare. Which game is better? MW3 or MW2? Personally, I like Modern Warfare 3, which I have on PlayStation 3, mostly because of the storyline, multiplayer experience, and the MP maps. But, some other CoD fans like MW2 better than the latest one. Why? My friend Cody says because he likes the graphics and gameplay...well, that's just Cody, ok? I do have to agree with him on the graphics, but the gameplay, not so much. My favorite map on MW2 is Terminal. I don't know why, but for some reason, I love that airplane:
Anyways, MW2, I don't like that much, but give me MW3, and I'll play that sucker all freaki' day. So, it's up to you, which Modern Warfare is better? MW2 or MW3? You decide. (Hint: Pick MW3!!!)


Posted Oct 13, '12 at 11:06am



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