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I am Quite New to fourms...

Posted Oct 13, '12 at 3:37am



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I am quite new to fourms and am struggling to post. Lag?


Posted Oct 13, '12 at 11:34am



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Well sine you are new I think the reason it's talking so long is because moderators have to give your post an OK to be put on due to a crises thingy that happened awhile ago. And if that's not it the. After creating a thread or posting in the forums then try pressing control and F5 at the same time.

Welcome to armor games. If you find me annoying then I'll just shcoot out of the way
Don't hesitate to ask any questions that one such as yourself might have


Posted Oct 14, '12 at 7:01am



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A very warm welcome to ArmorGames shcoot!!! =D

I really hope you will enjoy all the great games featured here and in time become a respected member of it's wonderful community! =)

Please don't let a posting problem withold you from roaming the forums! I actually encourage you to dive into them and meet it's friendly inhabitants! It's a great place to hang out, discuss your favorites, get some help on any problem and to meet loads of new people from allover the world online! =D
If there's anything you have a problem with or have a question about, don't hesitate to ask! This is a community that actually helps eachother and that's what makes it a great one! =)

Again, welcome and c-ya 'round!


Posted Oct 19, '12 at 8:03pm



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