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Posted Oct 26, '12 at 11:41pm



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here's a great tool to get started and learn the basics --

also: is a good resource

there are many programming languages, and aside from a few specific types of languages (logic, functional for instance), whichever one you begin with will translate very well into the rest. if you start with Java, you will have little trouble picking up C++, PHP, Javascript, Python, etc..


Posted Nov 2, '12 at 9:08am



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So you can actually create something with ActionScript outside of Flash?

Yup, in addition to Air, as Darkroot mentioned, you can also use the Flex SDK. I prefer it to Flash. I just write my code in a text editor and compile it with the SDK's compiler. It can be a bit tricky to use if you're used to coding on the timeline or if you want to work with animations that aren't sprite sheets.

You can also use FlashDevelop. I haven't ever really used it but I've heard from quite a few people that it's their Actionscript IDE of choice.

I agree with Darkroot on Python. It's dead simple and really quite fun. I'd highly recommend "Learn Python the Hard Way" by Zed A. Shaw. It's a book that you can read online for free, or you can buy a copy in print and/or pdf. He also offers a Python class (I think on Udemy). The Python tutorial on is really good as well.

Posted Nov 2, '12 at 11:43am



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I would like to know how how Python compares to Java. I have had some experience with NQC.


Posted Nov 20, '12 at 11:36pm



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Java has amazing garbage collection and makes your life so much easier. I think working with larger projects is easier in Java and I believe it's also faster then python but not as much as C++ is.


Posted Nov 22, '12 at 6:29pm



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I've wanted to learn one for a while, too. My friends say Lua is good.


Posted Dec 20, '12 at 12:37pm



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I really really recommend you the book "head first Java" from o'reilly. It opened my eyes on a new world, it kinda "unlocked" my programming skills. If you want to start with other languages you might as well, but i have never found such a well-written and suitable-for-beginners guide about any other language. and once you know one (expecially one of the most complex and famous, Java or C++ to name two, but any other Object Oriented language is fine I think), you know them all.

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