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hey there

Posted Oct 18, '12 at 11:22pm



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I am back. for those of you who remember me, i used to be extremely active here from 2009-2011 before i got permanently banned for using illegal methods to post in threads that didn't exist. i was also a terrible spammer ("hey there") and i had over 10,000 points but i dont plan to do any of that again.

my old username was TerryLasVegas. does anyone here still remember me?


Posted Oct 22, '12 at 7:20am



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I don't remember you but thats probably because I made my account in later 2011 but welcome back to AG.


Posted Oct 22, '12 at 10:23am



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hello welcome back, and no i don't remember you!
enjoy the company of people you probably won't know or remember if you did know them.

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