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Hello, I have not been able to explore this site much though I've been on for about a week. I've been addicted to The Last Stand game. But I'm finally able to control myself & relax & explore out the site & maybe another game for a little bit. But I looked at my profile & I didn't know what to think because there was only a straight zero in each box & not one picture. But when I looked at another user profile I almost thought they were the Administrator or something since they had so much on their profile. But I finally realized that I must be doing something wrong once I saw another User profile like that & another User profile like that & another User profile like that & another User profile like that & on & on. So as you can see I need help W/ this site, but all I want to know is what do I do for pretty much each column or section of my profile to start earning? L.O.L

Please no nasty comment! I'm new... How would you feel?

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Ahh, I've had this same problem when I was new you see the big main one is for the total AP you have and the others are less interesting you can get those numbers filled up if you do the following things:
1. Comment on games and profiles.
2. Say something in the forums.
3. Rate a game.
4. Make a game.(good luck with that)
5. Earn a merit. (don't ask I'm not sure how you earn these but their pretty rare)

So does that help you much?

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All good information by R2D21999. As for a merit, it appears to be something given to people who give really good comments on game pages. I've already gifted a few lucky people with them.

Welcome JohnMR!

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