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I want my band's music in your games!

Posted Oct 20, '12 at 2:50pm



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Hey guys, we are October Crisis a toronto groove metal band and we want to get our music into a awesome game being designed! we have a new E.P out for free download/name your price. You can download it at and follow us on facebook at tell us if youre interested! hope to hear from you guys soon!


Posted Oct 24, '12 at 9:16pm



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While I'm a massive heavy metal fan, I doubt anybody would put one of your songs into their games. It's not that you guys don't sound absolutely amazing (had a small eargasm), but extreme music isn't very popular by any means. If I made a game, I would put your music in immediately (maybe throw in some Dawn of Demise xD).
Unfortunately it takes a specific taste in music to listen to extreme heavy metal and not think it's a bunch of screaming and random rif***e. Perhaps talk to BerserkStudios though. They have been known to use heavy metal in their games, and would be your best bet.

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