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Here is a religious question I was wondering about to believers of God. If you're Christian should you not believe that women should merely be considered animals such as dogs or rats for mans entertainment? Nothing more than slaves?

Now before you guys start trolling and flamming me for saying that just here me out first.

Does the bible not say that Adam was bored or lonely so God created Eve out of Adam's rib cage (which begs the question why would an omnipotent God take away one of Adam's ribs for this, that seems cruel and unnecessary) for Adam as a companion. Is that not the same as giving a dog to a child as a companion? Does it not make Eve, Adam's material possession to do with as he pleases, especially since he paid for her life with one of his ribs.

My thinking is that if you're a Christian and believe in the bible, you should believe that women are nothing more than slaves and material possession, seeing as how God did only make Eve because Adam was bored and for his entertainment.


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It's not necessarily a religious thing. Religions just helped carry on that image through their scriptures. But it's the way women were treated back then (until recently, and still are in some places), it was a social issue; women were inferior. Since religion grows on society, it also reflects this facet.

But followers of christianism, or any other religion, should be able to make abstraction of out-dated social norms. Modern christianism is a reflection of (more or less) modern society, as such it doesn't have to include those norms.


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every time i read the words "modern Christianity" i wonder why they still use a 2000 year old and outdated scripture for their believes.


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Because muslims and jews dont belive in that???

Why "mostly if you are christian"?
That just make me mad every single time. Christianity is not the only religion. There are peoples who seem to belive that there is christianity and there are pagans, that it. Well, sorry to tell you friend, but jews were the one who belived in it long befor jesus started to preach. The muslims belive in the same "god" as the jews and the christians belive. and all are belive in the bible, even if some just choosed to take "the best parts" of it.
There are so much Commentaries about that in judism, i just need too make a qiuck reaserch.


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