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XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Posted Oct 23, '12 at 8:21pm



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Hey there community,

I have been wanting to buy this game for a while, but I have read some disturbing reviews like it's really buggy, boring as hell, slow gameplay, ect. So anyone who has it, if you could give your honest opinion on it, that would be great. Thanks! I have been saving up for this years fall release and have already spent money on Borderlands 2 and BO2, as well as buying the Ultimate Edition of Fallout 3. I don't want to waste 60 dollars when I could use it for something else. So again, thanks.


Posted Oct 23, '12 at 10:55pm



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Not worth 60$.
If you are into X-COM and want sequel to original, wait for Xenonauts. It will be better. And cheaper.

If you want decent strategy game, try Ufo Trilogy - you can buy 3 games for 5$.


Posted Oct 26, '12 at 12:27am



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While I support Xenonauts, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is worth the cash. Amazing game, put lots of hours into it already.

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