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[FAQ] How do I add a friend???

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Posted Oct 24, '12 at 12:34pm



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Hi, can someone tell me how to add a friend?



Posted Oct 27, '12 at 4:12pm



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Yea sure. Go to their profile by clicking their name. In the top right corner there will be a button in green letters saying: Add Friend. Click it and he is now you friend but he also has to click it for your profile so you can be his friend. Hope that helped!


Posted Oct 28, '12 at 12:05am



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And just in case you need help deleting them. Click your username up on the Armorgames banner and have the drop down menu come down. Once it drops down, you will have 5 options, one will say Friends. Click that and a list of your added friends will pop up and next to each one will be the option to delete them as a friend! Hopefully you'll never have to come to that though,,,

Anyway, glad to see you made your way to the forums and I hope to see you posting in them!