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dragon quest fans forum.

dragon quest is quite a fun game although it is not on #1 on my list.

I like the regular dragon quest games
but I don't really like the others like dragon quest monsters on dragon quest heroes.

and especialy fortune street that thing is like ____.(includes DQ characters and a mix of mario characters. which is pretty odd.
fortune street is basicly like a game to test your luck and its really boring you pretty much just sit there hardly experiencing any action.

rules: you play as your mii versus the characters from mario and DQ (the DQ I am talking about means dragon quest NOT dairy queen although I believe you guys are not retarded.) You go to each store for sale, buy them, wait for your opponent to land on them..., they go on it, and you make money...
actualy never mind about that. anyway

they are making DQ X(10) for the WiiU. I believe what I read that it was first released in japan and it is an online rpg.

well go on and talk about it.

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Everything released after Dragon Quest VIII, including any remakes, have horrible puns. I have completed I(NES), III(NES), IV(DS), and V(DS). I am working on II(NES), VI(DS), VIII, and IX. I just hope that there is no discussion about which final boss is the strongest.

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