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Posted Oct 26, '12 at 1:21pm



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How many of you felt the new medal of honor war fighter was a disappointment. As much as want to love it I can't I felt some of the missions weren't connection with each other.The story for the beginning I was lost. Also I remember the older medal of honor games;you can free roam.Doing objectives when and how you wanted to.Am not hear to give a bad review or anything but what do you guys think of the game.


Posted Oct 26, '12 at 4:12pm



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I've not listened much to news about Warfigher; I am now much more lenient on listening to Worms Revolution considering it seems so funny. Anyway - Warfighter. I've only seen approximately 7 minutes of it, by Sir Biscuit and by now you must already know it's going to be pretty negative.

How about I throw you the video.
Now, I'm going to throw the curveball here and tell you that aside from different killstreak systems I've not really seen much innovation or change in Medal of Hono(u)r and given the very simple gameplay I've seen there, I don't see anything too impactful or fundamentally devastating to the FPS (or MMS) genre.

As I've said - there is very little I know about this game however what I don't see is what makes me think it's not much more than any of the other recent FPSs. Would anyone like to clarify or confirm this to me?

- H


Posted Oct 30, '12 at 7:20pm



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Check this link out. You will be surprised at what you read.

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