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Blink 182 and Sum 41.

Posted Oct 27, '12 at 12:16pm



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I always seem to discuss these two bands together, so might as well keep it the same here.

Which one do you like more? Favorite song by either? Favorite Band member?

I personally give a slight edge to Blink altogether but my favorite song is one by Sum 41 being "We're All to Blame".


Posted Oct 28, '12 at 12:53am



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Blink 182 is just an all out fun band to listen to. Nothing too serious and they just have fun playing. At least, the old Blink. I think like all bands, eventually they grow up and no long have that "teenaged angst"


Posted Oct 28, '12 at 1:21am



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I dunno they're both OK I guess. My little brother is always singing "In too Deep".

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