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top 10s or 5s for gaming

Posted Nov 27, '12 at 7:59pm



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****...didn't realize I wrote so much haha sorry guys


Posted Nov 27, '12 at 8:42pm



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5. Pokemon Soul Silver
4. Force Unleashed
3. CoD:4
2. BO2 (Could be one in a few months, its fairly new.)
1. Borderlands 2
This is based of the sheer enjoyment I had while playing the game. I enjoyed pokemon a lot back when I was younger, so thats what I based it on. I probably wouldnt enjoy it as much now, but still.


Posted Nov 27, '12 at 9:42pm



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top ten you say? I like these kind of things. along with a reason why

best first

1. legend of zelda series: You better know why
2. xenoblade chronicles: EPIC storyline
3. Call Of Duty series: heh well shooter is fun
4. ace attorney series: This is like a puzzle game with a good storyline
5. super smash bros series: if you don't like it You are a n00b :P
6. sonic and sega all stars racing: I should AT LEAST have a favorite racing game
7. kid icarus uprising: great
8. dragon quest: old style medieval RPG
9. pokemon series: it is ok
10. starfox series: good graphics


Posted Dec 20, '12 at 3:27am



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Kick A** game with destroying things: Star Wars the Force Unleashed
Storyline RPG FPS: Fallout 3
PlayStation game: Soul Reaver
N64 Game: Banjo Kazooie and Gauntlet
Loot Driven Mad Shooter: Borderlands
Hack N Slash: Diablo 2
Open World Game: Grand Theft Auto
Best Source Engine Game: Dark Messiah
Best Valve Game: Portal


Posted Dec 20, '12 at 4:18pm



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No10: DragonsDogma: This has such big potential that it is in the list although i do not own a xbox/PS3? and did not play it (FU exclusive titles!^^).

No9: Burnout Paradise (i like this series )
No8:Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 (awesome story and interesting units)
No7: Portal 2: Real nice job, especially with the story line.
No6: GTA San Andreas (i just played this part).
No5: Warcraft 3 (did well to cheer up boring grammar school.)
No4: TES 5 Skyrim: Very big and I still play it and yep DRAGONS^^.
No3: Battelfield 3 (such potential but they messed it up a bit)
No2: Battlefield Bad Company 2 (first really serious ego shooter i played)
No1: Divinity 2 (real nice but unknown game with the potential of kicking any blockbuster RPG like Skyrim).


Posted Dec 21, '12 at 11:55pm



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No real order, but my 5 favorite games.(In the past 12 years)

* Paper Mario
* CoD 4
* Xcom: Enemy Unknown
* Super Smash Bros. Brawl
* Portal 2

Honorable Mentions: Skyrim, Minecraft.


Posted Dec 22, '12 at 11:36am



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1. Dynasty Warriors
2. Splinter Cell
3. Hitman
4. Metal Gear Solid
5. Batman: Arkham Asylum/City
6. Assassin's Creed
7. Mortal Kombat
8. Bunch of old Star Wars games (Battlefront, Nights of the Old Republic, etc.)
9. Heavy Rain
10. Alan Wake

No particular order, but if you've played any and enjoyed them, you'll know where I'm coming from.


Posted Jan 3, '13 at 9:22pm



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If i say final fantasy series, is that enough for my top games?
great story line, graphics, and i kinda like every little thing about it.

and let me just add dragon nest, Rose online, and perfect world


Posted Jan 4, '13 at 3:11pm



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update with my faveoute games only 5

5.potal 2 why shoulden't be here
4. minecraft stupid skles
3. KOA:reckoning i been too busy on top 2 to play it
2. bf3 cod players will hate me for this
1. team fortress 2 this will never chage

i've been crickster and tf2 is my faveoute game

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