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Metroid Prime

Posted Oct 29, '12 at 3:27pm



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Does anyone play Metroid Prime? I wanna post a thread on all walkthroughs for Metroid Prime. Then for Metroid Prime 2 & 3.

Who still plays any of those games?


Posted Nov 4, '12 at 4:20pm



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I played it up until a few years ago, when my game disc stopped working and I became too lazy to replace it. But even then I only played multiplayer mode, so a walkthrough would not be of much use to me even if I did have a working game disc.

Nice little shred of nostalgia, though.


Posted Nov 22, '12 at 10:06pm



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im ALL over this dude. those 3 are some of my favorite games ever. got em all and they still work i highly recommend the trilogy set for wii. the gamecube games played with the new controls was just too fun they even added a third difficulty now im gonna have to play all these games again!


Posted Dec 8, '12 at 12:59am



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Metroid, bro. Some of the best games ever made. Those games are awesome. They are FPS games that require problem solving, a deep storyline that you have the option of uncovering yourself, and they're just great games. Not to mention all the other Metroid games, though Other M was not as good as the others.

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