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Posted Nov 20, '12 at 3:33am



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I'll probably get one when I'm 17/18.
So, I still have a few years to think of a finalized design.


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I might get one. I think I would get a crossed guitar and bass (electric, both) with a newsboy hat above them. It would have to be small, though, and on my upper arm.


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As has been said previously, make sure you can cover it up with a short-sleeve T-shirt. Employers dig the professional look, and tattoos tend to ruin that. And as far as tattoo parlors go, a good one will make you scheduel an appointment that is atleast a few months in the future. Tends to mean that the tattoo artist is of a higher quality and ensures you're positive about what you're doing. Advice I've gotten from various friends and relatives with ink themselves.

i've got two or three designs I'd like to get, though I dunno if I would get all of them. I really want a Protestant Cross/Iron Cross on my Sol Plexus for a lot of reasons. And if I make a career in the Army (which is very likely at this point) I'll definately get my blood type tattooed on my thigh and chest.

Only tattoo I want that is more art than practical is a representation of an angel stabbing a snake through the mouth with a sword. Got the idea from a really old graveyard from the 18th century in my city that has a very old family mausoleum, and the front has a statue of Gabriel striking down Satan with a sword. Its a really cool looking thing, even if you aren't religious. Unfortunately I can't find a picture of it online. :/

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