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wost ending ever

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Posted Oct 31, '12 at 11:56am



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do mind the spelling.
the rules
1. the nomal ones.
2. you must of play the game.
3. if it has more than one than chose the baddest one.


Posted Nov 1, '12 at 12:41am



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YAY! FIRST! IN YO FACES! I'm not even gunna post a bad ending!


Posted Nov 1, '12 at 2:25am



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I don't even...

You say to mind the spelling, and can not even spell a majority of the words correctly? And from the UK. Am I missing something?
And we get a "FIRST" spam I'd only expect to see from mongoloids on YouTube? Did I die and go to internet purgatory?

I'll let you try again. In a new thread.
- Proper spelling is a plus
- Flesh out the original post with your own 'worst ending'
- 'Least favourite video game ending' would be a more appropriate title.