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Thoadthetoad's general art thread.

Posted Mar 7, '13 at 9:45pm



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Everyone look at this pretty thing I made!

It is interestingly but what is it? And were you on something when you were drawing it?

Posted Mar 7, '13 at 11:28pm



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but what is it?

o wait thats not a demon eye from the abyss just some random surrealism...its the next generation Iphone the weird tentacle goes strait into your head to turn you mind into mush and then downloads the brain of steve jobs connected over the wireless networks...then world conquest

and both positivity and negativity are boring in my book, they must mix into grays idk, creepy is alright but then again I think how ponies have taken over soo much media is creepy...and that is a BAAAD creepy

Posted Mar 10, '13 at 1:17am



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I like the story about Lord Wallace and Jauffrey and the one about the battle between the high alliance. Nice syntax and you've also used a good vocabulary. The plot is also quite good.

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