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Posted Nov 4, '12 at 1:48am



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Now, this isn't some huge glitch or anything in the site, it doesn't cause any horrendous problems, it's just annoying.

When I'm trying to look at someone's profile for reasons such as I want to figure out what country they're in, the little text box that normally says "User is Offline/Online" comes up instead of what I actually want to hover over's text box.

It's nothing extravagant, but could this be fixed?


Posted Nov 4, '12 at 4:37am



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If the user has a jolly roger as their flag, it's going to say "User is Online/Offline" if you hover over it. If it happens when any other flag is in place, you're just hovering too far away from the flag. If your cursor isn't on top of the flag, it won't read the name of the country/territory.


Posted Nov 4, '12 at 2:31pm



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I've had this a few times...all I did was move my cursor away for a few seconds then placed it back on the flag (directly over the flag..right on the center to be on the safe side) and the issue was gone


Posted Dec 13, '12 at 12:23pm



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Deleted several posts for derailing the actual topic... since this thread isn't rendering anymore constructive posts to add to the discussion and the OP creator hasn't checked back, this thread will therefor be locked... =)