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An Erratic Scribble Appears!

Posted Nov 13, '12 at 1:20am



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wonders what gantic was thinking about when he decided to see mental poop...I see a scribble, dunno lack of stuff to do is my analysis of gantic or perhaps he derives pleasure from trying to psycho analyze stuff. A cry for attention, heres a challenge please do it so I can imagine a fun way to say WTF is he thinking. Anyways i am not psychiatrist just w lowly hermit scrutinizing stuff late at night for the fun of it. an yes somehow I can see my analysis of this as the psyche of myself but remember ideas are like a virus and they infect the psyche of everyone...this is an idea Oo.


Posted Nov 13, '12 at 6:58pm



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You are late for the show. Check back in next year for Season 3 of I Want to See Your Mental Poop. Submitting post-analysis yields no results.

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