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Big Fish Games

Posted Nov 10, '12 at 8:37pm



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Hmm..I really have nothing to say I'm just trying to earn AP.

Good Luck getting that passed a mod or admin.

Anyways, to add to the subject, I saw their site, and this company is pretty big, not gonna lie, so I wonder why would they even need to scam. Then again people always want more money. Meh.

Posted Nov 11, '12 at 3:32am



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im not sure its always the company shceming i swear its other people as i came across an ad one day claiming armorgames was giving away free electronics and rift raft and i know it wasn't true as admin deleted some of those comments i made about it


Posted Nov 13, '12 at 10:18pm



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I have recently had an unfortunate experience with said company.

Like what? I've never exprienced any problems from them and I've been using bigfish so long I can't tell you exactly how many years............. maybe since I've been using a computer.........which is about........7 years...........

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