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Us Debt

Posted Nov 10, '12 at 12:52am



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Canadian Debt Clock

Canada has a pretty nasty debt too, but not quite as bad a 16 trillion 0.o


Posted Nov 10, '12 at 1:11pm



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Also, the argument that Obama will save the country if he continues his policies.
on a side note:
i do not argue that he will save the country. (the country is doomed in my eye's anyway)
i state the fact that if we follow the line has is doing now ahead. then we find that he will lower the debt over 3 year. (i play it safe some say 2 year)

now dont think magic that in 3 year the debt instantly is only 5 trillion or even less.
the debt will probably still be 16 or 17 trillion. but befor that time the debt would have been higher and is on its way down.

the next elections are far more importend then the last was.
obama would need a 3rd election to real make the change he promised. but by your laws he can't. (what a shame)
all you/we can hope is that someone stands up who can keep this movement going. and not another big spending republican who pushes the country in yet another freefall again.

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