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Posted Nov 14, '12 at 4:46pm



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I don't get why Daniel Craig and the new films get so much hate. The series really needed some changes. When Pierce Brosnan was Bond, the films had gotten pretty ridiculous (not his fault though). Craig's going to be in at least two more films, but I've read that the next guy to play Bond might be Idris Elba. I wonder how the fans would react to that.

The reason why I think Danial Craig isn't a James Bond is because the actors I liked most, Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery, and some more all looked like each other, in some ways, whilst when I see Daniel Craig enter the screen I think "hey Daniel Craig" and not "Hey, James Bond".

But I agree he doesn't deserve the hate. I think he is a excellent actor and Skyfall was great.

Posted Nov 18, '12 at 12:18am



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Yeah, I think golden eye was great too. But Skyfall was by far the best of the recent films,

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